(October 8, 2014)

Symposium topics

•            Behaviour ecology
•            Conservation and Management
•            Diseases
•            Feeding ecology
•            Genetics
•            Physiology
•            Phylogeography and biogeography
•            Population ecology
•            Taxonomy


Other topics are also welcome and will be considered by the Scientific Committee



Instructions for abstracts

Abstract in English should be written in MS Word, font Times New  Roman, size 12 pt. Use single spacing with justified alignment.

Abstracts of max. 300 words, should contain:

1.  Title - concise  and  clear, use center alignment 
2.  Authors  (full  names  and  surnames  of  all  authors without  titles)
3. Affiliation with address in lower case (if authors are from different institutions, put number after the name of each author and the same number before address of affiliation)
4. Abstract should contain the aim of the paper, essential results and a brief conclusion
5. Max 5 keywords, written below the abstract

Abstracts should be submitted in electronic form as attached files to the e-mail address:
not later than 1 August 2014